Monday, February 16, 2015

Fashionistas and counter-surveillance

For all those who want to counter surveillance, be it from drones, cameras or mobile phones, here are some more ideas from New York artist Adam Harvey:
It ranges from low-tech, wacky hair-over-the-face arrangements to higher-tech heat-disguising jackets. We'll be discussing such transparency arrangements further in Sheffield in march, for our Seminar 2 on the technical and ethical limits of secrecy and privacy. All comments welcome below!

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  1. I'm guessing Steve M. might have a thought or two on this, but Harvey's work sits with a superset of apps and hardware from start-ups and behemoths alike interested in promoting privacy. Although one can easily question the sincerity of Apple, Google and start-ups who use privacy as a branding and sales tool – the fact it is even happening points to a healthier understanding of privacy. This is one that is not so binary in orientation (closed/open; in/out; home/outside; interior/exterior; private/public), but one that admits of subtlety, choice, context and management. Interesting times.