Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seminar 2 Position Statement: F-Secure

We’re a Finnish company called F-Secure and for the last twenty six years we’ve been making software that protects people’s data. Whether their data is on their computer, laptop, mobile phone or in the cloud, we’ve made it our business to create great software to protect the irreplaceable. Developing and selling innovative software that fends off cyber crime is the business we’re in; it’s what we’re good at and it’s how we make out money.

Our lives after Snowden
But we don’t believe that that’s enough in a post Snowden society. We believe that, as an organisation we have the responsibility to fight a little bit harder for the rights of people in a digital society and we’re trying really hard to make this happen.

Digital freedom movement
That’s why we’ve launched something that we’re calling the Digital Freedom Movement, a group of people with a common understanding of how they think the digital society of the future could be. The foundation of the movement is the Digital Freedom Manifesto, a crowd sourced document, licensed under Creative Commons, that outlines how we believe governments, businesses and individuals should build a fundamentally digital society.

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