Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Policy Recommendations: Seminar 2

Policy Recommendations from Seminar 2
Debating the Technical & Ethical Limits of
Secrecy & Privacy
24th March 2015, Sheffield Univ.
(Seminar Leaders: Dr Emma Briant, Dr Ross Bellaby)

1.     There is a need to raise technological awareness among members of the public, as well as for journalists and researchers to be technologically aware. As popular culture is often misleading in what it depicts, it may be helpful to develop ‘creative’ mediums to communicate surveillance issues and privacy tools reliably and effectively. This would ensure we are all more informed as well as reducing the ‘trust deficit’.
2.     With a proper process of application and review, universities should be able to allocate anonymised, secure research terminals to researchers and research students looking at sensitive topics.
3.     There needs to be meaningful review of the oversight for surveillance in the UK as well as greater openness regarding the systems in place to ensure targeting is carried out in a way that protects minorities and respects free speech and civil/human rights. We must target incitement and planning of violent activities. However, extreme views are not illegal.
4.     To improve oversight, and trust in this process, independent members of the public should be able to contribute to the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament.

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