Wednesday, February 3, 2016

From Steve Mann: new Veillance article

Here is a Veillance article I wrote that was selected by the editors as a "Feature".

I show how Veillance (surveillance or sousveillance) can be sensed and measured using an effect I discovered in my childhood, in which a light source can cause a form of optoelectric feedback in response to veillance.

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  1. Steve Wright: Creatively mind-blowing as usual. Sensing surveillance up until now has been mainly line of sight for civilians. The military have semi-automated systems for sensing when their craft have been locked onto by hostile radar. But what you have created has so many inklings of future potential. I met with students in Manchester recently from Palestine who said that their new normal was if you heard a drone, throw the mobile phone out of the car…but most times this form of technology is unseen but heard. ICRAC – the group campaigning against autonomous killer robots is trying to have systems which locate humans and target by themselves, outlawed under international law. If that initiative fails, your technology has the embryonic potential to advise via feedback when systems are watching/hunting us. The idea of millions of people fleeing conflict trying to cross borders sounded like science fiction or biblical until this year and the Syrian exodus. But a future President Trump has promised final solutions to border issues. Does your technology require static or slow moving surveillance objects if it is to have a chance of remote detection, or could a fast moving glimpse be sufficient?